Aevitas Double Watch Winder Review

As a specialist designer of luxury products, developed with over 35 years of experience in the industry, Aevitas bring a superior quality product designed to maintain both beauty and functionality. Their products are smart and beautiful, ergonomically pleasing and built to last. Watch collectors will be proud to place their luxury product in their boxes and maintain their automatic watches in their watch winders or rotators.

Not only do they make several types of watch winders, they also make watch boxes and other luxury jewellery storage and travel items.
In this article, we’ll provide a full review of the Aevitas Premier collection V2 double watch winder in a light walnut finish.


Aevitas double watch winder look

There is a great quality feel about this double watch winder. It is a well-thought-out design and the light walnut finish gives it a classy and subtle look.

The construction is solid and finished with a glass door. It is suited to all automatic watches, large or small. Aesthetically, the watch winder looks impressive with its horizontal design, and would cut a classic look on a desk or worktop.

Fitting the watch

This version of the watch winder features gentle spring-loaded watch holders to hold watches up to 70 mm wide and wrist sizes from 5  to 8.5 inches. This means it is suitable even for the biggest of watches. However, if you have a much smaller wrist we would recommend contacting Aevitas to check.

Most people who buy this winder find the mechanism easy to use. This is an important criteria for us, as we often see watch winders where watches can easily slip out of the cushion, or the rotating module is not clearly attached in place.


The size of this winder is 27.5 W x 19 D x 23 H cm. This is actually a fairly average size for a double winder and smaller than some other double options available. However, it does not have the storage facility of some double winding devices. However, if you are not overly concerned with storage, and you only have two watches to look after, then this is the perfect size for your needs.

Aevitas watch winder review front


Some companies are shy about advertising their warranties (or lack thereof), but Aevitas promote their comprehensive Aevitas 2-year warranty. In our view, this is fantastic cover and should help people feel confident in buying an Aevitas winder.

We are also impressed that Aevitas have a follow-up service and repair facility for after warranty repairs. This is quite a unique service in the industry, especially as Aevitas make it extremely clear and straightforward for customers, so they know exactly what steps to take to take advantage of this.

Programme & settings

The turns per day (TPD)  settings are 600, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800 or 2100 in either clockwise, counter clockwise or both directions. This is fantastic flexibility and means it’s suitable for any automatic watch.

In addition, it allows you to programme each rotating module separately, which means you can wind two watches that have different TPD needs at the same time. This is a massive bonus for anyone who has a large watch collection and has different needs for different watches. 

These winders are run by a superior Japanese motor, with strong gearing and they are virtually silent.

The simple touch-screen controls makes it easy to understand and super simple to set the exact right TPD for your watch. This also gives it a more modern look compared with the dial settings of more classic winders.

We absolutely love the feature of the USB phone charger port on the rear plate, especially as the watch winder will be taking up a socket. This means you can easily charge your phone next to your winder. We’d suggest having a wireless pad next to your winder, if your mobile telephone supports wireless charging, as this would be a super sleek set up!

The multiple settings capability is a real plus, as is the ability to turn the LED light on and off. So many times we read that customers regret having a blinking LED light in the bedroom. Whilst this isn’t a problem for everyone, at least this winder has the option of disabling it. So you can get a good night’s sleep no problem.

Aevitas double watch winder review close-up

Another great feature is the ability for it to remember the settings if there is a power failure. With the huge flexibility of multiple TPD, it could be a real pain to reset the settings if the winder loses power. That has been overcome with this great innovative feature.

Any downsides?

The only real negative of this product seems to be the lack of a power lead for the modular system. However, the lead can be purchased separately. 

We understand that the modular system is undergoing changes, so we’ll be in contact with Aevitas and will update this as we hear further. Anyone we’ve heard from who had any issues with their winder had great service from the company and had it resolved quickly.

Many people report very positive experiences with a variety of Aevitas winders – ranging from quiet motors, well packaged, fast delivery, great finish, quality product through to good customer service. There are many strong reviews from people who put specific watches, such as Rolex, into the winder with good results. 


In our view, this double watch winder seems to cover many bases. Large watch capacity is becoming more necessary as so many of the brands are making larger pieces. So this winder would be perfect for those who collect larger timepieces and need to wind more than one at a time but don’t require any additional storage space. 


Aevitas double watch winder review


  • 2-year warranty
  • Multiple settings
  • USB phone charger port
  • LED light disable
  • Separate settings for each module


  • Power cord sold separately on the modular system
  • Lacking battery supply
  • No additional storage