Aevitas Single Watch Winder Review (Carbon Fibre Finish)

This Aevitas single watch winder has been sitting on our shelf here at Windawatch HQ since we got it from Aevitas a few months ago. After using it for a few months with several different automatic watches, we feel we’ve given it a proper road test and can accurately review its performance. So see below for this Aevitas Single Watch Winder review.

Aevitas single watch winder review - front

This stunning, single, watch winder has a carbon fibre effect finish, giving it a modern, sleek look.  Our positive experience started when we received the watch winder, which was expertly and securely wrapped and packed. Additionally, delivery was fast and efficient and communicating with the team at Aevitas Head Office has always been a pleasure.

Our first impressions were of an item that looked and felt worthy of a higher price point. It has a luxurious look and feel and is also a decent weight, giving the overall impression that this watch winder is going to look after your luxury automatic time-piece.

Aevitas single watch winder review - side

Programme & settings

The instructions are very straightforward. You need to know the turns per day (TPD) and direction your automatic watch requires in order to properly benefit from the watch winder. Once you have that information (gained from the watch manual, the watch company’s customer service department or an internet search), you can program this watch winder correctly.

This Aevitas winder has multiple options for TPD including 600, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2100. It also has multiple direction settings: counter clock-wise, clock-wise and both directions. This selection of direction and TPD covers most of the luxury automatic watches out there. Some single winders have less settings, so this is a great winder that should address your needs.

It has a great built-in rechargeable battery function, so you can go away for a couple of days, hide your luxury watch away and come back and plug in to the mains, without stopping the watch winder doing its job. The battery is re-chargeable, so as long as it’s plugged into the mains it will be ready to be portable immediately. Equally, if you want to travel with your automatic watch and winder for a weekend and don’t want to take your charger, this is again an excellent option. Also, a bonus if there is a power cut!

Aevitas single watch winder review - settings

Fitting a watch & noise

We’ve put a couple of watches in the holder and found the spring-loaded mechanism to be very secure. It has a soft cushion pad to protect your precious watch.

This watch winder is very quiet. We’ve been running it now for a few months (both with and without a watch). We’ve had it placed next to our bedside and, generally, don’t hear when it’s rotating. It’s extremely quiet and virtually silent; but if you watch it when it is rotating and your surroundings are completely quiet, you may hear a slight rotation sound. Most watch winders only claim to be almost or virtually silent.


Dimensions are : 135 mm depth x 115 mm width x 125 mm height

The width of the cushion and pad is approx. 60 mm which should comfortably hold most luxury automatic watches. The pad has a spring-loaded mechanism and push sides release to make loading the watch easier.


We really do love this little single watch winder. It has the look and feel of a much pricier product and really packs a punch in terms of what it offers for the price point. The motor is as quiet today as it was back in August 2019 when we first acquired it. The watches we have monitored it with have always been safe and secure and the watch holder and spring mechanism has not malfunctioned in any way. The main thing is the quiet operation. After all these months, it is still extremely quiet.


  • A high quality product for the price point
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Smart carbon fibre effect
  • Re-chargeable battery
  • Multiple directions and TPD


  • No dust cover
  • No storage options