Barrington single watch winder review

Barrington Single Watch Winder Review

Barrington Watch Winders aim to provide affordable, high-quality automatic watch winders to suit all types of watches. They are passionate about precision engineering and quality design, and this is reflected in every product they sell today, from their compact single watch winder to luxury multi-watch winders. In this Barrington single watch winder review, we’re going to look at their single watch winder and put it through its paces against all the criteria we usually look at.

In summary, this watch winder is fantastic value for money and so is definitely suitable for those looking to get one of their first watch winders. It can be used with a huge range of watches due to adjustable programmes, and if you’ve got multiple watches, you can buy a few of these (in different colours!) and string them together on one power source!


A bit about Barrington

Every one of Barrington’s automatic watch winder products features quality engineering, with ultra-quiet motors and variable rotation and turn per day (TPD) settings. The product designs are simple and attractive, and their multi-watch winders include additional luxury features such as a remote control and LED lighting in a stylish closed display case with inbuilt storage for extra watches.

Barrington offers gentle rotation mechanisms as standard to protect your watch. Variable directional and Turns Per Day settings for complete control with British design and an attention to detail creating a modern look and a stylish home for your timepiece.

Barrington watch winder features

You can get the Barrington single winders in a whole range of colours, including electric yellow, burnt amber and shadow black. So, no matter your own personal style, there will definitely be something to suit your tastes. They also boast some beautiful veneer wood finishes.

Barrington single watch winder front

The Barrington single winders can be operated either by AC mains or two AA batteries. It has soft rubber feet, so it won’t damage any table or surface it’s placed on.

A fantastic innovation from Barrington is the new ‘Jump’ feature, which allows multiple winders to be connected together via a connecting cable (supplied) and powered from one AC power source. This is perfect for those who buy multiple winders for their whole range of watches but only want to power it through one socket. This has been a great choice for many of the Barrington customers.

These winders have an ultra-quiet Japanese motor, which is perfect if you have the winder near your bed at night.

One of the other unique things with the winder is the ability to have a choice of cushions. The standard faux-leather cushion is suitable for watches with a strap/bracelet circumference of 19 to 24cm. The Flex cushion has a sprung arm at the back of the cushion, which is suitable for watches with a strap/bracelet circumference of 14 to 20cm. Typically, the standard cushion suits approximately 70% of Barrington’s customers and Flex is preferred if the wrist size is slightly smaller.

Programmes & Settings

The Barrington single watch winders have multiple rotation settings, which are changed using the rear dials. They can turn clockwise, counterclockwise or alternating (bi-directional). They also have multiple turns per day (TPD) settings: you can choose from 650, 750, 850, 1,000 or 1,950.

Barrington single watch winder rear

This should give enough options to suit any weight, make or model of watch.

The winder turns for 12 hours, which is followed by a 12 hour rest period. And the LED light flashes on when it’s operating.


The winders are fairly compact, and measure 11.5cm (width) x 12cm (height) x 16cm (depth). They are slightly longer than some of the other single watch winders we’ve looked at, but are still a really compact design.

Positive reviews

Most people have a fantastic experience of this product. The price point is really affordable for most people and, coupled with the flexibility of settings and luxury finish, it’s a great option as a first watch winder. This value for money and the range of positive experiences of customers makes this winder appear to be a great choice.

The Barrington customer services department are also extremely supportive and quickly and efficiently resolve any issues that crop up. We ourselves have had dealings with this company and we can only concur.

Why the Barrington single winder might not be suitable

One issue with the winder is that it does not have a cover, nor an option for a cover. Some owners may want to keep their watch as dust free as possible, in which case, this probably isn’t the winder for you.

One other small issue is the lack of battery level indicator light, which is really more of an annoyance. Although it might be more important for those who are likely to be using this winder on the batteries and not on the mains power.

Our own road-testing

We have road tested the Barrington Crimson Red Single Watch Winder, which you can see on our Instagram page! We had the red watch winder by our bedsides and it was very, very quiet. It housed our Bremont Jaguar Automatic Watch comfortably, was easy to place in and out of the cuff and kept time perfectly. We even gave one away to our audience as we were so happy to recommend it!

Who is the Barrington single watch winder suitable for?

This is a fantastic watch winder for anyone looking to get a good-quality winder from a reputable brand. It is a great piece of kit for the price. The quality and feel and adaptability of the settings is remarkable given its inexpensive price point.

Multiple TPD and directional settings mean this watch box is available to most luxury automatic watch owners.

With a Barrington watch winder box, you can be confident that you are buying a good watch winder built to exacting specifications to ensure your automatic watch is optimally cared for.


Barrington Single Watch Winder Review


  • Many variable adjustments for TPD and settings
  • Great value for money
  • Can link many together
  • Reliable, quality brand


  • No cover
  • No battery level indicator light
  • Only holds one watch