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Best double watch winder

There are a whole host of different watch winders available, some that hold just one watch and some that hold more than 10! And everything in between. Some people are in the hunt for a double watch winder to keep more than one watch wound. There are lots of things to consider when looking to buy a double winder. So, in this article we’ll review the best double watch winders currently available on the market. We’ll look at what makes a good double watch winder and then pick out our top double winders so you can be sure you’ve picked the right product for you.


Our pick of the best overall double watch winder is the Wolf Roadster Double Watch Winder. The flexibility of programmes, along with additional storage, all housed within a classic soft leather-style winder box, makes it a perfect option for the serious collector.

Our pick of the best budget double watch winder is the Kalamen Double Watch Winder. It’s simple to operate, is adjustable to allow different sized watches to fit, and overall is a cost-effective choice for those looking for something more economical.

What are double watch winders?

Simply put, a double watch winder is a watch box that has space to wind 2 watches simultaneously. They are often larger than a single watch winder and can sometimes include extra storage space for even more watches.

How do double winders work?

Double winders work a lot like their single counterparts, except they have two winder spaces so that two different watches can be wound. Most have settings and programmes that allow you to turn both of the watch cushions at the same TPD and direction.

Some do allow you to set each watch cushion separately. This allows 2 very different watches to kept wound on the same device at the same time.

Some double winders also have additional storage space for more watches. Presumably because most people who buy double winders have a small collection of watches that they like to keep together and away from dirt and grit that could damage them.

Why do you need a double winder?

Most watch-wearers have more than one watch. Some have a collection of hundreds! 

If you’ve got two watches, one can sit in a single watch winder no problem while the other is on the wrist. However, at night, you might want both watches to be wound. In this case, a double watch winder is a perfect solution.

Now, if you have more than two watches, you will almost certainly need a double watch winder to keep a couple of watches turning during the day.

Who is a double winder good for?

A double watch winder is a great purchase and a fantastic addition to a collection for a seasoned watch winder enthusiast. If you’ve got multiple watches, you will almost definitely want to add a double winder to your collection. 

Double watch winders are usually a little more expensive than single watch winders. As such, they may not be suitable as your first watch winder purchase. You might be better off first testing your watches on a single winder. Then, when you are confident that your watch works well on a winder, you might want to opt for a double.

Below, we look at some of the more popular double watch winders and do a mini-review of them, before choosing our favourites at the bottom.

What double watch winders are available?

Wolf Windsor double watch winder with cover

The Wolf Windsor double winder is similar to its single version, except it has space for two watches to wind. As you’d expect from a Wolf device, the faux-leather outer, the glass cover and the minimal buttons or dials (i.e., no LCD screen) brings a soft classy look. This feels a little more luxury than a wood and lacquered finish. It also allows a very simple operation that’s very hard to get wrong. 

Wolf windsor double watch winder

The programme settings are a little limited, as the device has a pre-set TPD of 900 with three different direction settings. So both winders can only turn at this rotation. Although this would be suitable for many watches, if you have watches that have a different optimum TPD, this might not be suitable for you. You can double the amount of TPD by selecting the bi-directional setting.

Wolf windsor controls double watch winder best

However, it might be good for someone who doesn’t want to worry too much about programming different TPDs or complicated settings and directions. Although, most people who are paying a couple of hundred pounds for a winder are probably invested enough that they would be able to consider getting the winding settings correct. Lack of storage also lets this winder down when compared with some of the other double options. 

Wolf Roadster double watch winder with storage

The Wolf Roadster double watch winder is a beautifully finished device, with soft black pebble faux leather and ebony macassar wood veneer faceplate. The locking glass cover and chrome finished hardware give it a sleek, stylish look, as you would expect with a high-end Wolf watch winder.  It looks amazing as a stand alone piece of furniture, but even better when winding a beautiful automatic watch of course!

This winder has two winding modules and also includes extra storage for three additional watches. Anyone with bigger or heavier watches will be well-suited to this winder as it’s been designed to fit watches up to 52mm. And you can still be sure the watches aren’t going to fall out as the new design locks the cuff into the rotator drum for a snug and secure fit.

Best double watch winder Wolf Roadster

There’s plenty of flexibility with the programme settings, as the rotations can be set anywhere between 300 and 1200 TPD on clockwise, counter-clockwise or bi-directional setting (this doubles the TPD). Another great programme feature is the delayed program start, where you can delay the rotations from  6 hours to 72 hours.

Best double watch winder roadster controls

These features, along with the stylish look, makes this a great choice for a double watch winder.

Versa Duo double watch winder

The Versa Duo is a cost-effective, lower-end, double watch winder with stacked watch rotators, which give it a unique look and means it’s a pretty space-efficient option.

As it’s made of plastic, it feels a little cheap, and doesn’t have the classy stylish finish that some of the other options in this list have. However, for the price, it does have some good practical features and settings.

There are four different TPD programme settings (350, 650, 850 and 1050 TPD) and three direction settings (clockwise, counter-clockwise and directional). So there should be enough flexibility and adjustability to suit most watches.

Versa pride themselves on using one motor for each rotator. This reduces the chance of the motors running out due to the excessive weight of two watches being rotated on just one motor. 

However, as we’ve said before with watch winders, you get what you pay for. There have been reports of the winder magnetising watches, which can cause them to stop working. It’s also only powered through the mains, so it won’t be useful for taking on travels. The internal rotating pads are also made of plastic, so if you’re looking for soft leather to prevent scratches on your watch, you won’t find it here.

There are also some reports of the inserts moving over time and a risk of them falling out of the drum, with the potential to scratch your watches. In addition, some say the motors get louder and louder after repeated use, with some failing after a number of months (or even just days!). 

These issues are concerning and, even if you are on a budget, it would enough for us not to recommend this product. There are better budget products available (see below).

Kalawen double watch winder

The Kalawen double watch winder is a good quality double winder that won’t break the bank. It has a faux-leather interior and a wood veneer exterior, zinc alloy trim and acrylic glass window to keep the watches safe from dust and grime.

There is a limited amount of flexibility with the programme settings, with just one rotation option. This rotates the watch modules counter-clockwise for 2 mins before a 6-min rest, and then clockwise rotation for 2 mins followed by another 6-min rest. This repeats for as long as the winder is on. This does allow a simple and easy-to-use operation, but might not be suitable for a range of watches. 

It can accommodate a range of watch sizes as the watch pillows can be made bigger or smaller for watches up to 18cm in circumference. It also has the flexibility of mains or battery power.

However, be aware that the acrylic screen is quite close to the winder so watches that protrude out might get close to the glass and risk getting scratched. 

All in all, this is a solid, cost-effective double watch winder, that should be suitable for most first-time winder buyers or double winder buyers.

JQUEEN double watch winder with storage

This JQUEEN double winder has an ebony wood finish and has space for storing three additional watches, which makes it a good choice for those with a small collection of watches.

It has a smooth finish with environmental protection piano lacquer, which makes it appear premium and tasteful. It can be run through batteries or the mains adaptor.

There is a little more flexibility with the programme settings as there are four modes.  However, as two of these modes are the same but just in a different direction, there are only three different TPD settings.

For the price, this is a fairly good watch winder. However there have been numerous reports of the Japanese Mabuchi motors wearing out much sooner than expected and them being louder than some other winders. JQUEEN do have an 18-month warranty on their products so that could cover most issues in that time period. 

Be aware that this is a large winder and can appear a bit bulky and cumbersome. It’s not for you if you need a watch winder to sit quietly and neatly in the corner or a tabletop or desk. 

There’s also been concerns that this winder has cushions that are too small for larger watches, which eventually fall off and could be damaged. So if you’re looking for a double watch winder that can cater for the bigger circumference strap, steer clear of this.

Although there are some positives with this double winder, the issues surrounding the small cushions, and the bulky appearance, let’s it down slightly. So, if you are looking for a cheaper double winder, we think there is a better option.


Best budget double winder

Kalawen double watch winder: the simple operation and controls, adjustable pads for different sized watches and the overall finish make this a fantastic choice at the lower end of the market. It’s an economical option that should be suitable for those looking for a cost-effective double watch winder.

Best overall double watch winder

Wolf Roadster: this is a simply fantastic product. The flexible programme settings, the ability to delay the winding start, the additional storage space, an the snug secure watch fit all speak to the high-end design of this classy device. Wolf are a reputable brand in the watch winder world and this winder would be a great addition to the collection of any enthusiast.