Best gyroscope watch winder

Best gyroscope watch winders

In this article, we are going to review the gyroscopic watch winders that are currently available on the market. We’ll highlight the best gyroscope watch winder so if you want to buy one of these awesome statement products, you’ll know what the best choice is for you.

In summary, if you’re looking for a more affordable (although still expensive compared with a traditional watch winder) gyroscopic winder, go with the Bernard Favre Planet winder.

However, if opulence, luxury, elegance and engineering beauty is what you’re after, and aren’t concerned with price, you simply have to go with a the Doettling Gyrowinder.

If you can’t afford a gyroscope winder right now and want a cheaper watch winder, our recommendation is the Heiden Single Watch Winder.

Or, if you want a real statement watch winder, but not pay the extreme prices of the gyro winders, we’d recommend the Rapport Astro Watch Winder in Red. It still has impact, but without the 4- or 5-figure price tag.

What is a gyroscope?

First, let’s understand what a gyroscope is. Simply put, it’s a spinning wheel or disc in which the axis of rotation (spin axis) is free to assume any orientation by itself.

In a gyroscope, a central wheel or disc spins through all degrees and dimensions, allowing it to assume any orientation. It is made up of a central rotor and spin axis, one or multiple gimbals and an external gyroscope frame. This is usually mounted on a stand to it can stand freely on a desk or surface.

Typically, it is used for measuring or maintaining orientation and angular velocity. And versions of them are often used in compasses. Gyroscopes are present in a huge number of technologies, including space shuttles, aircraft, motorcycles, ships, and smartphones.

Why have a gyro watch winder?

The question then becomes, what’s the point in having a gyroscope watch winder? Well, making a watch winder using the principles of a gyroscope is useful to allow unlimited movement and orientation of the mounted watch. 

The watch sits in the central wheel (or cradle), so it can move in all 3 dimensions and at 360 degrees. This means, theoretically, the gyro winder better mimics the motion of the watch if it was worn on the wrist. 

Most winders that only spin are mimicking the movement of twisting a forearm while holding it parallel to the floor. 

This is not a natural motion and most people probably wouldn’t be moving their watch in this way! 

In reality, if you are wearing a watch, you will move the watch through all 3 planes of motion (sagital, horizontal and frontal). You might swing your arm front to back; you might move your hand across your body; and you might turn your body around to face the other way.

Moving in all orientations is just a natural product of moving normally in life.

Due to its set up and design, a gyroscope winder can also move the watch through all these orientations. So it’s as close as you can get to wearing the watch on your wrist.

What are the other benefits of a gyro watch winder?

Other than the mimicking of the natural watch wearing, gyroscope watch winders also look absolutely phenomenal. The way the watch moves around in the gyroscope is hypnotic. It’s the kind of thing you could look at for hours. 

Because of this beauty and elegance, they make an incredible statement piece in a room or on a desk. They scream luxury.

Are there any downsides?

Well, in essence, the complete movement, although similar to the wrist movement, is complete overkill. This amount of movement is not needed to wind a watch or keep it wound.

However, people aren’t buying these for the practicality of the movement. They’re buying them for the beauty and elegance, as well as the message, statement and story.

Can I make my own gyroscope winder?

If you’re put off by the high price point of a gyro winder, you could always consider making your own. Be aware though, this takes quite a lot of skill and you need a whole host of tools to get this right. We’d recommend checking out this post for the best step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Who are gyroscope winders for?

Due to their very high price point, gyroscope watch winders are definitely for the more serious watch or watch winder enthusiast. 

If you’re a beginner collector or looking for your first winder, then these are definitely not for you. You’d be better off going for our recommended low-cost winder.

These gyro winders are probably going to be a good fit for someone who wants to display their watch in a truly unique way. In a way that really catches the eye. Probably in a boardroom, on a desk or in an office.

Gyro winder reviews

Doettling Gyrowinder Review

The Doetting Gyrowinder is a simply stunning piece of craftsmanship and extraordinary example of engineering and design. Its gyro design allows complete movement of the watch in any direction, including a complete turnover.

Doettling are a German company specialising in luxury jewelry boxes and safes. But we’re glad they’ve turned their hand to watch winders to create this hand-crafted, luxury device.

It comes with a set out counterweights to make sure all watches, no matter their weight, can be balanced perfectly on the winder. Three adjustable feet and an integrated spirit level means you can get the balance of the device perfect before starting any winding programme.

The adjustable settings and programmes make it suitable for any type of watch, no matter the weight, size or TPD requirements.

Markus Doettling, the founder of the company, was inspired to create this watch gyroscope when visiting the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where he observed astronauts in training, locked into a device to prevent spatial disorientation. 

The multiple gimbals, hand-blown beautiful crystal glass dome cover and hand-finished lacquered wooden base combine to create one of the most unique luxury products you could ever see. 

The watch and rotating gimbals can be seen through the cover, which shows the world the beauty of the piece, while keeping the watch clear of dust of dirt, or anything that could damage it.

All in all, this is a stunning example of hand-crafted, engineering and design that any watch enthusiast would be proud to show off in the center of an office or room. 

You can find more info on how to purchase these winders here.

Bernard Favre Planet Gyroscope watch winder review

This gyroscope watch winder from Bernard Favre is a more cost-effective gyroscopic winder, which consists of three interconnected rings mounted on a motorized base. It doesn’t quite have the visual impact of the Doettling winder, but it’s still a marvel to watch it do its thing.

The device has multiple TPD and direction settings, which means it’s suitable for any automatic watch. It also allows you to completely customize your own turning settings (see below).

This winder also comes with a leather carrying case. Although why you’d risk taking this winder with you anywhere is beyond us. We’d keep it locked in a safe if it wasn’t in use.

A great feature of this winder is the USB socket, which allows you to charge the winder via a computer or through the mains. It can be left plugged in to the mains if needed. Although one charge allows the motor to run for 3 months!

This innovative USB set-up also allows you to pre-programme different winding settings and upload it for the device to run. This allows even the most complex watch requirements to be taken care of.

It has acoustic-sealing O-rings in the base to keep the motor ultra-silent.

In addition, Bernard Favre offer a 24-month warranty for the winder, so you can be completely confident of buying the item without fear of anything going wrong.

Windawatch recommendation

We absolutely love the style of the Doettling Gyrowinder. The first gyroscopic watch winder to come on the market and still the market leader when it comes to hand-crafted design and engineering. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime purchase that you will not regret.