Best travel watch winder

Best Portable Watch Winder for Travelling

In this article, we investigate a few different portable watch winders to find the best watch winder for travelling. So, if you’re someone looking for a travel watch winder that will be easy to carry with you on important trips, read on to find the perfect one for you. Travelling with a watch winder just got a whole lot easier!

Considering all the important features of a watch winder for travel (such as being small, light, quiet and strong durability) our recommendation is the Rapport EVO cube single watch winder in carbon fibre. With the new generation of these products, you also get more programme options in the same sleek, small stylish winder case!


Travelling with a portable watch winder

For the modern businessman, travel is a large part of the day-to-day life. Most think nothing of jumping on a plane last-minute and flying half way around the world for a couple of nights. Then flying back and probably doing the same again the following week!

Best portable watch winder for travel

When travelling for business, most watch connoisseurs will want to take their best watches with them. This can give them the edge in a business meeting and help them feel comfortable and confident. Now, travelling with a watch winder doesn’t have to be a struggle. As long as you consider a few important things, you can choose the best watch winder for your travels.

Features of best travel watch winder

If travelling with a watch winder, there are a few things you need to think about when choosing the right one. Below, we look at the criteria for a good travel watch winder and highlight watch winders that fulfill those criteria exceptionally well.


A good portable watch winder should be small. It may need to fit neatly into your luggage on a plan, or you might just need to put it in an overnight bag in the boot of the car. Either way, it should be small enough to squeeze between your laptop and your spare pair of lucky socks!


For the purposes of this piece, we’re going to assume that you travel with just one watch. And thus, only require a single portable watch winder for travelling. So we’re going to limit our reviews to single winders.

Recommendation single & small: the best single watch winder that we’ve reviewed that fulfills the small criteria is the Rapport EVO Cube. It’s a very compact single watch winder that will fit neatly into most luggage bags.


If you’re fllying, luggage weight is really important. Even if you’re flying on the purse of the comany and they cover any extra expenses, you still don’t want to be lugging a bag around that’s any heavier than it has to be. That’s why a watch winder that’s lightweight is important when travelling.

Recommendation lightweight: the carbon fibre version of the EVO cube by Rapport is a super leightweight winder that won’t add kilos to your luggage.

Includes travel case

Ideally, in order to protect your watch winder as you’re travelling, it would have a travel case or bag available that fits it nicely. In a perfect world it would have a specific travel bag especially made for the winder.

Recommendation travel case: the best watch winder we’ve seen with a dedicated travel case is the Underwood Single Watch Winder with Leather case. It’s a simply beautiful construction that oozes class.

Durability & robustness

If the winder is going to be travelling around with you, in your bag, you need to make sure it’s not going to break under some movement. The last thing you want when getting to your hotel room is to find that the commotion of the plane has caused your watch winder to come apart in your bag.

no watch winder equals no wound watch. Which could equal missing an important meeting. Which might mean that million dollar deal goes to someone else. Not good. So a good travel watch winder needs to be tough as nails.

Recommendation durability & robustness: The Wolf Viceroy Single watch winder is fulfills this criteria nicely. It’s got a strong locking cover to keep the winder safe during transit.


In a cramped hotel room after a day of travelling, you want good quality sleep. The last thing you need is for your watch winder to keep you awake with a loud and clunky motor. So you need a watch winder that runs close to silent.

Recommendation quiet: Therefore, our recommendation would be the Time Tutelary Carbon Dome Automatic Single Watch Winder with its premium silent motor movement.

Battery powered

You’ve already got your laptop cables, your phone charger and your kindle wire. The last thing you need is another cable when travelling. Thus, having a watch winder that can use batteries is a must. But, above that, you don’t want it to run out of batteries after a few hours. So it need to be fairly economical with power use.

Recommendation battery powered: our recommendation for the best battery powered winder is the EVO cube from Rapport. It takes 4 size C batteries.

Final recommendation for best portable watch winder for travel:

So, all in all, our recommendation for the best travel watch winder is:

The Rapport EVO cube in carbon fibre.

It’s small and light, which makes it perfect to fit into your bag or luggage and shouldn’t impact your long walks through airport check-in and security.

The black leather gives it a strong, durable feel, so it shouldn’t be damaged by too much jostling in your travel bag. It’s suitable for most watches due to the programmable settings and size cuff.

Portable watch winder for travel - recommendation

It’s also one of the least expensive luxury brand single watch winders, so if the airline does lose your luggage, or it gets irreversibly damaged during travel, you won’t be too much out of pocket.

The only thing you may want to consider is buying a dedicated travel case to help protect the winder during your travels.

This sophisticated, stylish look is perfect for the travelling businessman who wants to keep his watch wound so he doesn’t miss the million dollar meeting!