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Dulwich Knightsbridge Single Watch Winder Review

Dulwich Designs are a premium brand that manufactures distinctive, timeless, high-quality leather accessories. They boast quality craftsmanship from their design team based in the south east of England, in Kent.

In this Dulwich single watch winder review, we explore all the features and benefits of this hand-crafted watch winder, so you can be sure if this is the right winder for you before you spend your money.

In summary, this watch winder would be a great choice for anyone who is looking for a more classic leather feel to a single winder and is willing to pay a little more for a hand-crafted, timeless item.


Dulwich single watch winder features

This watch winder is a little larger that the small single winders at 20.5 x 15 x 19 cm. And it has a weight of 1.9 kg. This gives it a sturdy, durable feel, and means it’s probably not the type of winder you’d be hiding in the corner of the room. It might be more a focal point of a table or bedside cabinet.

The general look and feel of this winder is one of classy soft leather, which is what you’d expect from a high-quality leather brand such as Dulwich Designs.

The winder has a removable foam pad to place the watch in, which includes a spring loaded cushion to make sure the winder fits almost any sized watch.

Dulwich knightsbridge watch winder review open

The winder box includes a cover and lid as standard, which is a great feature for a single watch winder at an affordable price. The cover and box lid pop open together when the front latch is released, to show off the smart interior of the winder.

Extra storage

One of the great things about the Dulwich single watch winder is the extra storage space it comes with. The winder includes three removable watch pads for storing extra watches all within the safety and security of the main watch box above the main winder face.

This is perfect for those who have a small watch collection and want to keep the watches securely tucked away and safely stored away from dust and other things that might scratch or damage the watches. Or, if you’re planning on travelling, this is perfect to make sure you can take all your favourite watches with you. You no longer have to just choose one!

Note that watches should be placed on the foam pads with their dials facing the window.


A pateneted noise suppression system (NSS) is used to make sure the winder motor is as silent as possible to give you peace of mind and allow you to sleep soundly at night if the winder is near your bed.

The winder can be plugged into the mains, or it can be powered using size D batteries.

The Dulwich winder has a low battery indicator light, which flashes red when the batteries are running out of power. This means you can easily change the batteries and not let your watch sit dormant on the winder for too long.

Dulwich single watch winder programmes & settings

The Dulwich winder has 3 different programme modes, which gives some limited control over the winding sequence.

  • Mode A: this is a clockwise rotation. It rotates for 155 rotations, then has a 190-minute rest. This is a 240-min cycle (4 hours). This is then repeated 4 times. The winder then rests for 8 hours. This is one 24-hour period and gives 620 TPD.
  • Mode B: this is a counter-clockwise rotation. It rotates for 155 rotations, then has a 190-minute rest. This is a 240-min cycle (4 hours). This is then repeated 4 times. The winder then rests for 8 hours. This is one 24-hour period and gives 620 TPD.
  • Mode C: in this mode, the winder rotates clockwise for 155 rotations, then counter-clockwise for 155 rotations. It then rests for 140 mins. This makes one 240-min cycle (4 hours). This repeats 4 times. Then rests for 8 hours. This is one 24-hour period and gives 1240 TPD.
Dulwich knightsbridge watch winder review settings

So, essentially, two modes give a TPD of 620 and Mode C doubles the TPD, which gives 1240. This might be quite limiting for some watches, where they might need a TPD between these numbers, or they may need a specific direction setting.

Another fantastic feature on the programme settings is the ability to delay winding for 12 hours. This is a great function if you’re heading out for the day and don’t want the watch to start rotating until later.


One of the only things that holds this winder back is the front lock, the dials and the battery compartment, which are all made of plastic. This does slightly take away from the premium leather feel of the rotator box which can give a slightly cheaper feel to the winder. It also includes a key for the lock, which some say can become problematic and is more of a token than a workable real lock.

Who is this Dulwich winder ideal for?

If you have a watch that requires approx 600 TPD or 1200 TPD, you’ll do just fine with this. If you watch needs much more or somewhere in between, you might be better off choosing a winder with more adjustable settings and programmes.

These things aside, the Dulwich single watch winder is a perfect watch winder for anyone who wants to take a step up from the very basic single winders. For those who want a more soft leather feel, instead of the wood and lacquered designs of the typical entry-level single watch winders on the market, this winder ticks the right box!

Dulwich watch winder review open box

This is also a perfect choice if you’ve got a range of watches that you’d like to keep within your winder box, as the three additional watch pads allow extra storage.


Dulwich Knightsbridge Watch Winder Review


  • Lovely soft leather design
  • 12-hour delay setting
  • Additional storage for 3 watches
  • Noise suppression system (NSS)


  • Only winds one watch at a time
  • Limited TPD setting
  • Plastic latch & lock