Rapport EVO cube review

Rapport EVO cube Review

Rapport of London are a top-end luxury watch, leather and jewelry company that have a deep heritage going back to 1898. Their products are built with style and quality in mind and they have a mission of innovation, quality and service. In this review of the EVO cube, we’re going to shine the spotlight on this entry-level watch winder. In this Rapport EVO watch winder review, we’ll look at the programme options, the look and feel, as well as any common complaints.

In summary, if you’re looking for a slightly higher-quality, versatile, watch winder for a single watch and want to taste the luxury of Rapport London at an affordable price, the EVO cube is a good watch winder to choose.

Read on to see the full review of the Rapport EVO watch winder.



The Rapport EVO cube watch winder comes in a number of different colours to suit any watch, taste or style. Our favourite is the Macassar, which adds a classy look to the already prestige finish of the Rapport of London EVO cube range.


This is a single watch winder and one watch can fit within the cuff. However, many people buy more than one winder to accommodate multiple watches.

The watch cuff is a classy black leather and fully adjustable to fit any size watch using a front screw adjustment and a back sprung pad.

As always, the fine craftsmanship of Rapport means that quality is always considered – and the soft padded leather cuff prevents any scratching or damage to the watch.

As with most watch winders, it can run on batteries (4 Size C) of using the AC power adapter. A flashing LED light allows you to see if the power is ok (green light) or if they will need to be replaced soon (red flashing light). This LED light remains on even when the power is attached to the mains. This can become distracting at night in a dark room so, if you’re sleeping in a dark room, you might want to position the winder so it doesn’t affect your sleep.


Rapport EVO cube Instructions, Programme & settings

The EVO cube rotation is swing mode, and not full rotation. The controls on the EVO cube winder allows you to choose 3 different programmes (soft, medium or strong). This is adjustable using the control dial on the back of the box. This gives you some control over the settings to allow a range of watches to be used with the winder.

The Rapport watch winder instructions describe 3 programmes that wind the watch in the following way after a few minutes of the initial phase to get the watch started:

  • Soft: 1 minute of winding every hour
  • Medium: 1 minute of winding every half hour
  • Strong: 1 minute of winding every quarter of an hour

This winder rocks in approximately 90 degree semi circles, without making a full 360 degree turns. Another fantastic innovation is that the watch comes to rest in a perpendicular position when the rotations cycle is in rest mode or not moving.

It runs almost completely silent, so would work well for someone who has this in a bedroom while they sleep (although be aware of the LED issue pointed out above).

Fitting the watch

Squeeze the sides of the watch pad and gently pull to remove it from the winder box. The central cushion can be raised or lowered by twisting, to accommodate a larger or smaller strap or bracelet.

You need to ensure that the nodule at the centre of the winder is aligned with the centre of your watch strap. This will mean your watch lies vertical. Then gently but firmly push the watch pad back into the box. You need to ensure the sides of the watch pad are firmly clicked into position,

Some people have reported difficulty in attaching the pads to the winder once the watch has been put onto the cuff. So be aware that this can be tricky the first couple of times you do it. But, once you get comfortable with it, it should be seamless.


This is a very compact watch winder, with dimensions of w 120 x h 120 x d 146 mm. So it would fit neatly into any small space, and is perfect for those for whom space is a premium. It’s also small enough that it would be very portable and could be taken when traveling.

The watch winder box is made from wood with a lacquer cover. So some people may prefer a more natural wood finish, as the lacquer can look plasticy to some.

Any EVO cube issues reported?

Some people report that the motor has worn out after a few years of using this device. However, Rapport has exceptional customer service and there are many reports of them replacing any faulty parts immediately.

Some people also say that the noise level starts to increase after a long period of using the Rapport watch winders.

On the other side, however, there some people have documented using the EVO cube for over 4 years with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

Suitable for?

If you’re new to watch winders and want to get started with a slightly higher-quality winder, this versatile winder would be a great choice for you. It’s simple to operate, fits into most spaces easily and gives you enough flexibility to wind most automatic watches.

The EVO cube will give you a chance to experience the luxury of the Rapport London brand at an affordable price.



We are pleased to announce that Rapport have now released the next generation of EVO cubes. These stylish upgrades still have all the swagger you’d expect from a Rapport watch winder, but they have some new features too.

They come with a stylish front LED display. They also allow the user to adjust the turns per day (TPD). The user can programme between 650 and 1800 TPD.

IT also has three direction settings: clockwise, anti-clockwise and bi-directional.


This gives complete control over the winding sequence. This makes it compatible with almost any make or model of luxury automatic watch on the market. You can check the price of these new winders below.


Rapport EvoCube Review


  • Fully adjustable cuff and programme settings (new generation)
  • Great company with fantastic support
  • Super-stylish entry-level luxury winder


  • Can be difficult to attach pad to winder
  • After long periods of use, motors could wear out
  • Not suitable for multiple watches at once