WOLF cub single watch winder review

WOLF Cub Watch Winder Review

Wolf are a luxury leather-goods company from the UK that specialise in high-end luxury jewelry and watch products. In this Wolf Cub Single watch winder review, we’re going to look into the pros and cons of this product so you’ll clearly understand if this is the right watch winder for you.


Quick recommendation

All in all, if you’re new to watch winders and want a reliable, fantastically made, stylish entry-level watch winder at an affordable price, this would be a great choice for you.

Read on to see the full review of the Cub Wolf Watch Winder.

WOLF Cub Watch Winder Features

This watch winder is a single winder and can accommodate one watch on the cuff. So if you have multiple watches that you need to keep wound when not wearing them, you’d be better off looking into a multiple drum watch winder. Or, you could consider buying more than one of these single winders (we know lots of people who have purchase, 3, 4 or even 5 of these single winders to accommodate their range of watches).

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The drum is suitable for a heavier watch, although if you have a heavy watch with a case size up to 52mm, you will need to get a cuff for large watches, which you can order direct from Wolf.

This winder is also available in multiple external designs and colours and with or without a glass cover, which allows the watch to remain visible when it’s working.

It’s a stunning-looking piece of kit, and the standard winder comes with a pebble finish, soft leather, grey grosgain faceplate and chrome finished hardware.


When attaching the watch to this winder, you will need to put pressure on the watch cuff and squeeze it to fit the watch strap around it. Also, make sure you hear a click or pop sound, which confirms that the watch is attached properly to the cuff. If you don’t do this properly, there is a risk that the watch could fall out of the winder, which could damage an expensive or heavy watch.

Settings & programmes

The Cub Single Watch Winder only had one setting and programme, which is not adjustable. It turns at 900 TPD. It will turn for 1 hour and 15 minutes clockwise and counter-clockwise; it then pauses for 20 minutes. This pattern will repeat for 6 hours. It will then go into Sleep Mode for 18 hours. This cycle repeats itself the next day.


It’s a small-ish watch winder, with dimensions of 13.5CM L X 11.5CM W X 14.5CM H so it’s suitable for those who don’t have a whole lot of space available. It can fit neatly on a bedside table or small space in a bedroom.

There is flexibility in the power supply – the winder has the option to use direct power source or can be operated by batteries. Batteries last approximately 4 weeks if used daily.

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Who is the WOLF Cub winder suitable for?

This is a fantastic entry-level watch winder for anyone looking to get their first good-quality winder from a reputable brand. It’s perfect for a medium to large size watch that needs 900 TPD and needs bi-directional turning.

Lots of people keep it next to their beds on a night stand or bedside table. It’s a silent watch winder so perfect for those who are lighter sleepers and want their winder near to their bed.

Why the WOLF Cub winder might not be for you

One of the only negative things about this winder is the lack of adjustable programme settings. It’s set at 900 TPD, which cannot be adjusted. It’s also set as bi-directional which you also can’t change.

So if you’ve got a watch that needs a TPD different to 900, you might be better off looking for an adjustable setting watch winder.

You also need to be aware that it has a blinking LED light that will flash when the winder is running. So if you are planning on having it on during the night in a dark room, this may become irritating. Of course, it can be turned to face the wall to solve this problem.

Some people have also reported that, over time, the winder can start to make more noise if it’s used very regularly.

This is very much an entry-level watch winder, so if you are a watch winder aficionado and are looking for a more luxury model, you’d probably be better off looking at some of WOLF’s other higher-end watch winders.


WOLF Cub Watch Winder Review


  • Reliable and reputable brand
  • Almost silent
  • Stylish look
  • Affordable as an entry-level


  • Only holds one watch
  • TPD settings not adjustable
  • not suitable for smallest watches