Wolf Windsor Watch Winder Review

WOLF Windsor Single Watch Winder Review

Wolf is a family run business that has been established since 1834. Their patented technology and innovative product designs for watch winders makes them a market leader. In this review of the Wolf Windsor winder, we’ll unpack all the features and benefits so you know if this is the right watch winder for you.


Quick recommendation

The Wolf Windsor winder combines sharp colors with smooth edges. If you’ve got a 900 TPD watch and want to use a winder that’s a step up from the most basic, but still get all the benefits of a quality brand like Wolf, the Windsor Single winder is a great option for you.


Read on to see the full review of the Wolf Windsor Single watch winder.

Wolf Windsor features

This watch winder is a single winder with cover and can accommodate one watch on the cuff. The cuff has been designed to fit bigger and heavier watches (up to 52mm). This is a great feature as there is a growing trend for larger watches and statement pieces, especially among collectors. The new design locks the cuff into the rotator drum for a secure fit.

Wold Windsor Single Winder Review

The Windsor has a real luxury look, which includes chrome finished hardware, black pebble faux leather, purple textured silk face-plate, a single winding module and a glass cover.

The Windsor watch winder is also available without a cover. We’d always recommend the covered version to help protect the watch from dust or other irritants that might get to the watch. The glass cover also means the watch is visible in the winder while it’s working, so it can still be a centrepiece of a room.

As with most Wolf winders, the Windsor can be operated on AC power directly or with batteries (it required D-cell batteries, which are not usually supplied with the winder).

This winder is also available in several different colours. Our favourite is the classic black colour, which we think is in keeping with the classy stylish look of the Wolf products.

Wolf Windsor Settings & programmes

Beware that some sellers are incorrect in the settings description so please check carefully before purchasing. Always refer to the manufacturers pages or contact them directly if you are in any doubt. The correct setting and programmes are below.

It has a single control dial to make it really easy to use and to set the directions settings. There are three directional settings:

  • Clockwise
  • Counter Clockwise
  • Bi-directional

Rotation is on a 10 second start delay, and is at 900 TPD (Turns Per Day). It has a patented rotation programme – with a pre-programmed intermittent rotation with pause and sleep phases.

If you select the bi-directional setting, you’ll double the amount of TPD, which gives you some flexibility over the TPD settings.


It’s a larger-sized winder with dimensions of 20.3 cm x 16.5 cm x 13.3 cm. So it’s not as suitable as the cub for a small space, but could become more of a centrepiece for a room. It is a larger watch winder but that means it will show your watch off beautifully! The soft colours and quality feel make this a great choice.

Wolf Windsor Watch Winder Review

If you want a smaller winder, but still stick to the Wolf brand, we’d recommend the Cub watch winder.

Any issues reported?

There are a couple of conflicting reviews regarding the operation. Some people report that the motor is as quiet as a whisper. While others say that it can be a little noisy. If noise is a real concern of yours, we’d definitely suggest going with the version with a cover which could, perhaps, eliminate more noise than the non-covered Windsor.

On the whole, lots of people report having the watch winder for long periods of time without problems, which really makes it great value for money.

Our own road-testing

We’ve done our very own road-testing of the Wolf Windsor Watch Winder. See our Instagram video where you can see the Windsor house a beautiful Bremont Jaguar automatic watch and you can see it in operation! The Bremont Watch is fairly large and you can really see the scale of the watch winder in relation to the watch. Having seen the operation close up, we can say with certainty that this really is a lovely watch winder.

Who is this Wolf Windsor suitable for?

This is a great watch winder for anyone looking to get the benefits of a reputable brand like Wolf, but who want to get the next step up from the basic Cub winder.

It’s perfect for a medium to large size watch that needs 900 TPD. It would also work well for watches that need bi-directional turning, or for those that need a much higher TPD (you get the added benefit of doubling the TPD when selecting bi-directional).

Why the WOLF Windsor may not work for some

One of the only negative things about this winder is the lack of more adjustable programme settings. It’s set at 900 TPD. This can be doubled to 1800 TPD with the bi-directional setting.

So, if you’ve got range of watches that all require different TPDs, or if you’ve got a watch that needs a TPD much different from 900 or 1800, this might not be the winder for you. That is a shame as it really is a beautiful watch winder.

If you want to stick with the Wolf brand but need more TPD options, there are other winders that give you more control over these settings. Check these here.

You also need to be aware that it has a blinking LED light that will flash when the winder is running. So if you are planning on having it on during the night in a dark room, this may become irritating. Again, we would say the covered version is better to avoid this problem.

If the winder is used regularly, some people have also reported that it could start to make more noise. However, some reviewers have not experienced this at all, so make as many enquiries as you can.

It’s a great value for money watch winder. The non-covered version is usually slightly cheaper than the covered version; but we think the covered version is a step up to an entry level watch winder.

Wolf Windsor Single Watch Winder Review


  • Almost silent
  • Reliable and reputable brand
  • Quality feel & larger size
  • A good step up from the basic winders


  • Only holds one watch
  • TPD limited to 900 or 1800
  • Flashing LED could be an issue at night